Family Site

Posted on December 27, 2008 by Sue Goodman

The purpose of this site is to keep family members informed and in touch. You can see the birth and the growth my grandchildren. When I retired and moved from Arlington, Virginia to "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia, I added photos of my new home and its surroundings.

I have my own small business called STYLISTIK through which I design web sites and work with photographs (enhancing, retouching, restoration, and collages).

My oldest daughter Christine lives in Murrels Inlet, SC. Next is my daughter Lisa, husband Randy, and her children Lyndsay and Mathew. Lisa has her own business in Bowling Green, Virginia called Shop-a-Doodle-Doo. My third daughter Beth lives in New Jersey with her wife Cat. Beth is a photographer and her work can be seen on the website and her alter ego "Bubbala" can be seen on Facebook at @Bubbala365. Finally, my youngest daughter Joni lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Clint, daughter Nikki and her sons CJ and John.